Our FIN Tastics Allstars are kids from around the world who are doing their part to save sharks.

Each year we highlight students and their amazing efforts to educate others about sharks.



Jesse joined our team after reaching out for help with a school project about shark finning. He has joined us at events and has represented Sharks4Kids at school events. He is currently starting his own ocean organization to inspire other kids. 


Grand Bahama, The Bahamas

Billy is a certified scuba diver and the youngest shark feeder in the Bahamas. He shares his love of sharks and the oceans with his classmates and peers, inspiring them to learn to snorkel and dive. 



Charlotte loves teaching people about sharks and has even decorated a shark themed parade float as a way of sharing her love for these animals. She also sings about sharks, using any opportunity to get other people interested in the underwater world. 

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North Carolina

Christopher is definitely a marine biologist in the making. He has done amazing shark projects and even helped bring the Sharks4Kids team to his school. He is always learning new things about sharks and sharing with his classmates. 


Missy loves sharks so much she wrote a book about them. The book is called SHARKS! and teaches kids about why these animals are amazing. She is always coming up with new ways to spread shark awareness in her school.


Grand Bahamas, The Bahamas

Havana is using her love of photography and the ocean to teach her classmates and friends about sharks and why they are important. She volunteers with Eco Kids, teaching younger students about the environment and how they can help protect it. 

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England, UK

Charlotte LOVES sharks and has been lucky enough to even swim with them on the Great Barrier Reef! She is also a PADI Seal Team Member! Charlotte loves to do posters to help spread the word for sharks.

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British Columbia, Canada

Mason loves reading shark books and sharing information with his classmates. He is currently writing letters to companies to try and get them to not use plastic straws. He has also written letters to restaurants that sell shark fin soup, asking them to stop. 

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Adam ( Ady Shark Boy)

UK, Hong Kong

Adam loves sharks and loves teaching people about them through his artwork. He wants to help save sharks so he can swim with them when he is older.



Zoe LOVES sharks and has done a fundraiser with her " Sharks are our friends" shirts. She wants to teach other students around her about sharks and how they can help!

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Jake loves sharks and at the age of 11, he has already been on a scientific shark tagging trip. We are excited to have Jake share his passion for sharks with other students.

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Ambassadors are in no way official representatives of the organization and cannot speak on behalf of Sharks4Kids, Inc.

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