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Meet FIN Tastic Allstar Miles

Miles loves the ocean and loves teaching others how they can help protect sharks and the oceans. He lives in Florida and when he was 6, he decided to start donating his allowance to help save sharks. His goal is to donate 1 million dollars by the time he is 18. Miles is doing big things for sharks and the ocean! He has even written a BOOK

You can learn more about his company KIDS SAVING OCEANS

1. What is your favorite shark and why?

It is hard to pick just one! But right now my favorite shark is the epaulette shark. I think it is really neat that they can "walk" on the ocean floor and even where there is no or not a lot of water! 2. What is one shark you would love to see/swim with?

I would like to cage dive with the great white sharks and snorkel with whale sharks. If I HAD to pick one I think I would pick whale sharks! 3. What is your favorite shark fact? Greenland sharks live about 250 years, and maybe over 500 years!! 4. What is one thing you wish everyone knew about sharks?

Sharks are not dangerous. They do not "attack" people. I really do not like when the media talks about shark attacks because sharks would rather eat fish or marine mammals and not people. Our oceans, and planets, health depends on healthy and thriving shark populations. If we continue to kill sharks at the rate we do now, it is not just the sharks that will be in trouble.

Miles cleaning the beach!

5. Can you tell us how you are helping save sharks?

I talk to kids and grownups about the problems facing our sharks. I talked to politicians in my state of Florida about banning shark finning. I also raise money for groups that protect our oceans, including sharks.

Miles donated $1000 to our education and outreach programs! We cannot thank him enough!!!

Miles signing copies if his book

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