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Kids Can Save Sharks: Marlene Age 6

Marlene is only 6 years old, but she is making a big impact for sharks! She organized a shark presentation for her class and raised money ( over $800) by doing a litter cleanup in her neighborhood. We are VERY proud of Marlene and are excited to share her shark story!

Thanks for being a JAWsome ambassador for sharks!!!

1. What is your favorite shark and why?

A Whale Shark because they have a powerful tail and I love watching them swim in the water.

2. What is one shark you would love to see/swim with one day?

A would like to swim with a Great Hammerhead because they are like so interesting creatures and I would like to see them closely .

3. Why do you love sharks?

I love sharks because they are cool and awesome.

4. Why do you want to help save sharks?

I would like to save sharks because sharks need to be helped and people need to be stopped harming them.

5. What is your favorite shark fact?

My favorite fact is that you can't find bones but you can find their teeth!

6. Can you tell us a little about how you are helping to save sharks?

I am helping to save sharks by raising money by litter picking up and getting more people to love sharks, even my big brother who was scared and I made him love them! And he’s 20 years old!!!

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