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October- Women in marine science

How to Draw a Goblin Shark with Dr. Julius Csotonyi

OCT 30, 3 PM EST 

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Happy Halloween. Join us for this SPOOKY drawing lesson and learn how to draw a goblin shark.

Panel: Women in Marine Science

OCT 15, 1 PM EST  ZOOM LINK https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84753414426

AGE 10+

Dr. Romina Henriques

Rose Santana

Carlee Jackson

Clemency White

Dr. Romina Henriques is a population geneticist working on historical trends in genomic diversity of sharks using ancient DNA, a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Fellow, and PostDoc at Technical University of Denmark's National Institute of Aquatic Resources. Romina has been an active researcher in aquatic sciences working and lecturing in the fields of freshwater and marine biodiversity, evolution, fisheries management, phylogeography and molecular systematics. Romina's work focuses primarily in understanding how oceanographic features can influence the evolutionary history of commercially exploited marine fishes, and assess how future climate changes may impact marine biodiversity in the southern African region.


Rose Santana was born in Dominican Republic and moved to Germany. She knew what she really wanted was to study the ocean though, so eventually she moved to Miami, Florida and earned her second Bachelors degree in Marine Biology. She was the President of her schools chapter of the Society of Women in Marine Science and eventually was selected to participate in a 21-Day research expedition in the Canadian Arctic, where she used drones and ROVs to look at ice formations. Currently she is the lab manager of the Aquatic Ecology and Ecotoxicology laboratory at Florida International University, where she studies the effects of metal contaminants on aquatic predator-prey interactions.


Carlee Jackson- Originally from Detroit, MI, Carlee moved to South Florida to pursue a career in marine biology. She recently received her master's in marine biology from Nova Southeastern University. Her research focused on the effects of feeding tourism on nurse sharks in Belize. Currently, Carlee works with sea turtles and is a co-founder of Minorities in Shark Science, Inc., an organization dedicated to amplifying minority voices in the field of shark science. She continues to work in the field of shark science, working to increase diversity in this field.


Clemency White-I am a PhD student with the University of Exeter and the Bimini Sharklab, where I study the effects of a changing world on the ecology of sharks. Specifically, I am interested in the role of sound in juvenile lemon shark behavior and space use and how this could be disrupted by habitat removal and artificial noise. Through my work I look to produce science that lends itself to policy, and I am a very proud woman in STEM!


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