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education TEAM

We work with educators from around the world to create dynamic learning resources. Their knowledge and expertise allows us to create materials in line with a wide range of standards including NGSS, Ocean Literacy and UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Education advisory team

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Leann Winn

kristina morrow

Leann is a marine biologist, teacher and researcher. Leann has worked on shark projects around the world and along with educational outreach, she is also assisting with STEM activities and curriculum development. 



Krissy is a middle school science and marine biology teacher in San Diego. She earned her M.S. in ecology at the USF. She volunteered on several of the Shedd Aquarium's research cruises and while most of her marine science career has focused on invertebrates, Krissy's heart truly lies with the sharks. She has assisted us with the creation of middle school lesson plans and activities.

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Delreco Bonaby

Delreco is a High School Science teacher at Queen’s College in The Bahamas. He has taught previously with the Department of Education at public schools on the islands of New Providence and Bimini.  He is working with us to development curriculum in line with The Bahamas Ministry of Education. 

Education CONtributors

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Joshua Moyer is a biologist specializing in the biology of sharks and their relatives. Josh completed his undergraduate degree at Millersville University and his Master’s degree in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell. For his doctoral work at UMass Amherst, Josh studied the anatomy and kinematics of feeding in different shark species. Josh has studied famous shark species, like the White Shark, as well as lesser-known species, like the Prickly Dogfish. You can follow Josh on Twitter (@ElasmobranchJKM). 




Rose Santana

Leo gaskins 
 ( He/HIM)

Rose Santana was born in Dominican Republic and moved to Germany. She is a marine biologist and currently is the lab manager of the Aquatic Ecology and Ecotoxicology laboratory at Florida International University, where she studies the effects of metal contaminants on aquatic predator-prey interactions. Rose is helping us create JAWsome infographics and educational resources. 



Leo is a marine ecologist investigating the impact of top predators on ecosystems through trophic cascade. By determining the relative impacts of top-down and bottom-up forces on ecosystem function and structure, this work will inform effective future management plans throughout coastal systems, and protect critical ecosystem services.  Follow Leo on Twitter for more JAWsome shark facts!

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Dr. Christopher Bird

Chris recently completed his PhD at the University of Southampton, studying the movement and feeding behavior of deep sea sharks. Along with outreach, Chris has also developed deep sea shark curriculum and activities. You can follow his research at Shark Devocean 

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