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Wherever you are in the world YOU can connect to Sharks4Kids via a virtual lesson.  We offer a dynamic range of online lessons which can be adapted to any age. The goal of the presentations is to engage students and get them excited about sharks. We want to dispel some of the myths surrounding these amazing animals while encouraging kids be good junior scientists and global citizens; what they do matters and they can make a difference for sharks no matter who they are or where they live.

We can connect via Zoom, Skype, Teams or Meet 

*Sorry, but we cannot accommodate same day requests*

* Please request dates at least 7 days ahead*

* We answer requests 1-2 days per week, so please be patient, we will get back to you*

Topics of Discussion Include:

  • Let’s Investigate Sharks: An Introduction to Sharks

  • Shark Conservation

  • Shark Tagging and Science

  • Life as a Marine Biologist

  • Adaptations

  • Predator Prey Systems

  • Shark Diving & Underwater Filming

  • Tracking Sharks

  • How to Tag a Shark ( Interactive)

  • Shark Super Powers ( Extreme Sharks)



You can request a specific talk when you fill in you form.

( We cannot guarantee availability of specific speakers, but will do our best)

jillian lemon low.jpg

Jillian Morris-Bahamas

Founder and President Sharks4Kids

Born and raised in Maine, Jillian’s love for the ocean started at an early age and has continued to play an integral role in her adult life. She has spent thousands of hours in the field working and diving with sharks across the globe. She is a marine biologist, shark conservationist, scuba instructor, explorer and educator. She has filmed for numerous television shows and networks, has appeared on Shark Week, is a PADI Ambassadiver, was named Scuba Diving Magazine's July 2016 Sea Hero and was awarded the inaugural Shark Con Shark Hero Award in 2017.  She is the author of Norman the Nurse Shark and Shark Super Powers and a member of the prestigious Ocean Artists Society.

  • Let's investigate sharks

  • Shark Science

  • Shark super powers

  • Careers in marine science ( Women in science)


Jenny shark

Jenny is a PhD candidate in Ireland where she studies the diet, movements and behaviour or sharks and whales. She's been in love with the ocean since her childhood on the shores of Brittany (France), and fell in love with sharks at the age of 13 when she discovered millions of them were being killed every year. She went on to become a marine biologist in the hopes of understanding more about how these animals work, and has worked in the Bahamas, the Philippines, the UK and now Ireland. She loves her work because she gets to work and interact with other researchers, anglers and people from all backgrounds and all around the world. She loves talking to locals about the amazing wildlife living right on their doorstep and learning about the things they have seen and the knowledge they hold.

  • Let's investigate sharks

  • Shark Science

  • Careers in marine science ( Women in science)

  • scuba diving & Underwater photography


Enie 1.jpg

I am an ecologist and educator interested in mitigating the effects of multiple stressors on coastal ecosystems to promote ecosystem resilience, conservation of biodiversity, and to aid in resource sustainability. I aim for my work to ensure coastal communities can continue a culture of being intimately connected with their natural surroundings. I have conducted community- and ecosystem-level ecological research in coastal ecosystems internationally for a decade. I integrate a diversity of disciplines, techniques, and communities into my research to ask complex ecological questions using real-life scenarios. 

  • Let's investigate sharks

  • Shark Science

  • the power of predators

  • careers in marine science ( Women in science)


michelle trigg.jpg

After thousands of hours as an experienced Scuba Diving Instructor working throughout Asia, Michelle is channeling her love of sharks and marine life to inspire and share her experiences with others.  As a mum and artist based in the UK, she also uses her creative skills to engage and educate young people through shark-related artwork, activities and fun, informative learning.  Michelle loves hosting virtual lessons particularly for giving kids the chance to ask their own questions.

  • Let's investigate sharks

  • How to tag a shark ( interactive)

  • extreme sharks

  • scuba diving with sharks

tyler mahler-florida,usa

Tyler Mahler sharks.jpg

Tyler is an avid shark diver and has logged thousands of hours worldwide underwater with these amazing animals. He is translating his love of sharks and diving into educational programs to teach kids. You can follow his dive adventures HERE

  • Let's investigate sharks

  • scuba diving with sharks

randy thomas-michigan, USA

Randy Thomas sharks.jpg

Marine Science Educator, World Traveler, and Adventure seeker, Randy has been pursuing his passion for sharks since a toddler. Obtaining his degree in Environmental Science, Randy taught Marine Biology and Shark Science courses in the Florida Keys and Japan. He was featured on Discovery Channel's first Shark Week Series: Shark Academy. His mission is to bridge the gap between wildlife and humanity through wildlife education, outreach, and conservation. 

  • Let's investigate sharks

  • Shark Science/TAgging

  • Shark adaptations

  • Shark Anatomy 

bianca rangel-São Paulo, Brazil. 

Bianca Rangel sharks.jpg

Bianca is a Biologist, PhD candidate in Physiology at the Institute of Biosciences of the University of São Paulo, Brazil. She studies the ecophysiology of sharks and batoids, integrating aspects of energy metabolism, reproduction and trophic ecology to investigate how elasmobranchs allocate energy for reproduction and migration, how urbanization and ecotourism are affecting their diet and the impact of fisheries on their physiology and reproduction. She is doing her PhD in partnership with Shark Research & Conservation Program at University of Miami, and currently studying sharks from south Florida, the Bahamas and in the Fernando de Noronha Archipelago, Brazil.

Bianca é Bióloga, doutoranda em fisiologia pelo Instituto de Biociências da Universidade de São Paulo, Brasil. Ela estuda a ecofisiologia de tubarões e raias, integrando aspectos do metabolismo energético, reprodução e ecologia trófica para investigar como os elasmobrânquios alocam energia para reprodução e migração, como a urbanização e o ecoturismo estão afetando sua dieta e o impacto da pesca em sua fisiologia e reprodução. Ela está fazendo seu doutorado em parceria com o Shark Research & Conservation Program da Universidade de Miami, e atualmente estuda tubarões do sul da Flórida, nas Bahamas e no Arquipélago de Fernando de Noronha, Brasil.

  • Let's investigate sharks

  • Elasmobranch science

  • Let's investigate flat sharks

  • Brazilian elasmobranchs and their threats

  • How elasmobranchs reproduce

  • Vamos investigar os tubarões

  • Fazendo ciência com tubarões e raias

  • Vamos investigar as raias

  • Elasmobrânquios brasileiros e suas ameaças

  • Como tubarões e raias se reproduzem


Maria bio pic.jpg

 Maria is a shark biologist and Divemaster from Spain currently working as an intern for the shark specialist group of the Convention of the Migratory Species of the United Nations. Since she was a kid, Maria has always been passionate about sharks, however, her first shark encounter in the wild pushed her to dedicate her career to understand and protect these unfairly feared creatures. Since then, Maria has worked at several research institutions worldwide, from the cold waters of Norway to the tropical reefs of Florida. Recently, she has completed her Master's degree in Australia, where she researched the sense of smell of sharks. Maria is always keen to share her knowledge about sharks with kids of all ages because she genuinely believes one of the keys to ocean conservation relies on future generations being excited about its wildlife from an early age. 

María es investigadora de tiburones y Divemaster actualmente trabajando en prácticas con el grupo especializado en tiburones de la Convención sobre la Conservación de las Especies Migratorias (CMS) de la ONU. Desde niña, María siempre sintió fascinación por los tiburones, sin embargo, no fue hasta que nadó por primera vez con uno en el mar que decidió dedicar su carrera profesional a la protección de estas criaturas injustamente temidas. Desde entonces, María ha trabajado con diversos grupos de investigación por todo el mundo, desde las frías aguas de Noruega hasta los arrecifes tropicales de Florida. Recientemente, ha completado sus estudios de Master en Australia donde ha estado investigado el sentido del olfato de los tiburones. A María le encanta compartir sus conocimientos sobre tiburones con alumnos de todas las edades porque realmente cree que apasionar a las generaciones venideras de las maravillas de nuestros océanos es clave para asegurar su futuro.

  • Let's investigate sharks

  • Shark Super powers

  • Careers in marine science ( Women in science)

  • Descubriendo a los tiburones

  • Los super poderes de los tiburones 

  • Profesiones en el mundo de las ciencias marinas

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