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Meet FIN Tastic Allstar Brian Rolle

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

We met Brian nearly 5 years ago during one of our Sharks4Kids student field trips in Bimini. Over the last few years Brian has done several trips with us and has really become a voice for sharks. He always encouraged his peers to get in the water when they were nervous. He has spoken beautifully about sharks and the ocean environment for film crews and guests visiting the island. Brian also spent time volunteering at the Bimini Sharklab to learn more about sharks and gain new skills.

Thanks for being a voice for sharks and sharing your shark story with us!

1. What is your favorite shark and why?

While I genuinely like most sharks, my absolute favorite shark is the Ginglymostoma cirratum (nurse shark). In addition to nurse sharks being a more passive creature, I think that they are fascinating, and absolutely adorable!

2. What is one shark you would love to see/swim with?

At the very top of my list of aquatic adventures I want to have, is seeing and swimming with a whale shark.

3. Can you tell us a little about your experience with sharks? Do you have a favorite moment?

Originally sharks to me were very terrifying animals. While I was captivated by most aquatic life, I could not shake the fear of sharks due to lack of knowledge. However upon meeting Jillian and past shark lab volunteers, I've learned a lot about sharks. That knowledge in turn allowed me to grow to love and value them! I've had many many enjoyable moments with sharks, but the most memorable one was the very first time I went swimming with Caribbean reef sharks.

4. What is your favorite shark fact?

My favorite shark fact is that they have these amazing jelly filled sensory organs called the mpullae of Lorenzini that allows them to detect electrical fields, even very faint ones.

5.What is one thing you wish everyone knew about sharks?

I wish that everyone knew that humans are the absolute last thing on a shark's takeout dinner menu. In addition to that I want more people to know the different ways that shark species vary in diet and behavior.

Brian snorkeling with Caribbean reef sharks

6. Can you tell us how you have helped/are helping save sharks?

The way that I contribute saving and protecting sharks, is to spread the knowledge that I've learnt about their importance. I've had the opportunity to go on a few field trips with Sharks4Kids, where I learned valuable facts about stingrays and sharks. Not only where those fields fun but they were very educational experiences that I hope will be available for all kids. When speaking to a fellow native and even tourists, I love to spark conversations about sharks. They play a massively important role in keeping our aquatic ecosystem balanced. I've also gotten three of my classmates involved with the shark lab, so that they can learn about these amazing animals, and in turn spread awareness to problems that threaten their populations.

Brian on a field trip with Sharks4Kids and Bimini Scuba Center

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