Art is an extremely powerful tool for education and conservation. We are lucky to work with some extremely talented artists from around the world. They have incredible pieces to help us educated students around the world. They also inspire others to use their art as a voice for the ocean and sharks. 

Art advisory team

Julius Csotonyi art.jpg

Dr. Julius Csotonyi

Artist & Scientific Illustrator

Julius is a full time freelance scientific illustrator mostly specializing in paleoart and conservation related artwork. He prepares figures for research papers, press release images, illustrations for natural history books, and murals for museum exhibits. You can see his work HERE and download coloring sheets HERE

Brian Buckles

Artist & Graphic Designer 

Brian has had an unhealthy obsession with sharks since he was four when he began drawing sharks on everything. Today, he uses his creative talents as a graphic designer and creative strategist. His artwork, which includes oil paintings and drawings, focuses on marine life with an emphasis on the sharks he loves.