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Meet our May 2019 FIN Tasitc Allstar- Cade

Cade is 11 years old and is on a mission to save sharks. He started his own INSTAGRAM page and has created bracelets to spread the word for shark conservation. He also does projects at school and even teachers other students about sharks and how to save them!

Thanks Cade for sharing your shark story with us!

1. What is your favorite shark and why?

My Favorite shark is a mako shark. Makos are athletic and fast. They are beautiful. Their teeth make them look like they are always smiling. They are also in big trouble right now. So it makes me love them more and want to help them any way I can!

2. What is one shark you would like to see/swim with?

That is hard because I love them all and there are so many great sharks. I don’t want to hurt any shark feelings! Haha . I would love to swim with a mako, a big tiger shark, or an oceanic white tip!

3. What got you interested in sharks?

I got interested in sharks from watching shark week. I have always loved the animals that no one else really likes. Animals like alligators, lizards and sharks. But what got me really into sharks and trying to help them was when I found out what finning was and how awful and cruel it is. I couldn’t believe anyone could treat an animal this way.

4. Why did you decide to start an instagram page about saving sharks?

The Instagram page was the idea of my friends at Shark Addicts. I was just going to local places, selling my Save the Sharks bracelets and teaching people about sharks going extinct and finning. My friends wanted me to go bigger with my mission and thought I would do good on Instagram. So I did! And I am so glad I did!

5. Do you want to work with sharks when you are older?

I wound definitely like to continue working with sharks when I am older because they need our help and I feel like I can help them.

6. Do you think kids, no matter where they live, can help save sharks?

Yes kids can help save sharks! Look at me!! I cannot believe what I have been able to do to help sharks! It does not matter how old you are or where you live or what you have or don’t . If you know what is happening and you care enough you can make a difference. I think kids can make a huge difference because we believe that we can make a change for the better. We have hope and kindness and we want the world to be better for when we are older. Also, I feel like if kids can learn good things about sharks, that sharks are good, important, not bad or mean and that they deserve and need to be here, then when we grow up sharks will be more understood and liked. If this happens, then hopefully sharks will have more protection and more respect. So kids are super important for saving sharks!!!!!

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