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Sharks4Kids May FIN Tastic Allstar of the month: Mason

Mason has had a very busy year working to keep sharks and the ocean healthy! He has started a Facebook page called Mason’s Ocean and an Instagram page called masons_ocean or you can follow his hashtag #masonsocean.

1. What is your favorite shark and why?

I like Tiger sharks because they have stripes and live in shallow water so you don't have to go far to see them. I also like Hammerheads because they have good electroreceptors. I think their heads are shaped like a hammer so they have more electroreceptors and that helps them find stingrays underneath the sand.

2. What is one shark you would love to see in the wild?

I would love to see a magnificent great white jumping out of the water.

3. Why do you want to help sharks?

I want to help sharks because they are important in keeping the ocean in balance and I want to see how magnificent the ocean is. Sharks play a big role in keeping the ocean healthy and I want to scuba dive in a healthy ocean!

4. What are some things you want to do or have done to help teach others about sharks and how to protect them?

I have done a presentation to my class about sharks and their threats. I have written a letter and petition to Ron Jon Surf Shop asking them where they get their shark tooth from for their necklaces in case they come from the shark killing industry. I don't buy shark products and educate others why they shouldn't. I talk with people in Floria about sharks and how they need help and aren't blood thirsty killers.

5. Do you think kids can help save sharks? How?

I agree that kids can save sharks by talking to people, writing letters and petitions, stop buying shark products and not littering or polluting the ocean. We can clean up garbage from the shores also.

He has been working hard to educate people to make choices to keep our oceans healthy. He has done a letter writing campaign and also went door to door collecting signatures for a petition to get a local restaurant to stop using plastic straws. He’s been meeting with managers of different restaurants talking to them about switching to biodegradable options. He’s made a huge impact in his school with this and people are buying stainless steel straws and mesh reusable produce bags instead of plastic, plastic, plastic!!

Say No to Single Use Plastic

On May 31 his class will be following his lead and doing a garbage free and recycling free lunch. Mason does this every Monday and even my friend, who’s a teacher in England, is getting her class involved in talking about reducing plastic use and what mason is doing.

Zero Waste Day

Early June he will be meeting with the kindergarten class to discuss with them 3 things they can do to keep the oceans healthy. He’s working on his presentation for that. We would like to organize a beach cleanup on June... that’s not planned yet but will be!

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