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Our Junior Ambassador Patrik Rollefson sent over some recent thoughts on Shark Conservation....

Over the years, after having gone through school and into college doing countless projects on climate change, ocean acidification, or declining shark populations, I have learned that it is extremely easy to become depressed and feel like there is no hope and no point in continuing the fight for change. It has happened to me all too often where I have gotten bogged down in the numbers and the negatives and can’t see even a glimmer of positive. However, I have learned that as a conservationist you cannot let the horrific events going on get you down, you have to keep your head up and just think of what you can do to help. You cannot let go of hope, you have to struggle for it and know that there is always something that can be done and there is always a chance. I now know that you can’t let the fight become pointless because there is always point and that point is to change the norms and views of society. We are the spokesmen and women for the oceans and its creatures and we can never lose hope. Without hope, we are lost, and along with us the oceans fall. All of this is to say, hope is key in conservation, there is always something that can be done, and there is always the possibility for change. We merely have to help that change along, so that the we can preserve the earth’s wonderful environment for the future.

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