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Meet the Artist Behind Ivory Ocean Co.

We are 3 Creatives who love the ocean more than anything. We founded Ivory Ocean Co. with the intent on using our artwork to help raise awareness and support marine charities around the world. We have all worked and volunteered for a range of main charities globally, and wanted to continue to help even when we aren't physically there. Our products range from ceramics, clothing, digital artwork and custom paintings. When we are not creating, we are inspiring others to dive and respect the ocean. Thanks to lead artist Nell Bennett for sharing your shark story with us!

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1. What is your favorite shark and why? Wobbegongs and Hammerheads because they are both so odd and fascinating. 2. What is one shark you would love to see/swim with? Blue sharks in the waters off the United Kingdom has long intrigued me, but nothing beats a whale shark, it's a must for 2022! Oh and definitely a thresher shark!

3. Why did you start creating shark art? Sharks are horrendously overfished in vast numbers either for their fins or as bycatch, yet they are absolutely vital to our marine ecosystem. Without them most of the oceans marine ecosystems would collapse. It is essential that we educate the global population to admire, understand and protect these extraordinary creatures before it is too late.

Nell painting manta rays

4. In your opinion, is art important for conservation? Art transcends cultural and language barriers, helping communities from around the world get inspired behind the same cause. Having witnessed this first hand, from working with rural fishing communities in Madagascar on main resource management and preservation, our main method of education was through comic strips. The cartoons helped bring the message, and methodologies to life, that discussions and demonstrations did not. 5. What message do you hope people take away from your shark art?

The beauty, diversity and resilience of these exquisite creatures.

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