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Meet FIN Tastic Allstar Lily

Lily is 13 years old and loves sharks! She recently did a school project, allowing her to teach other students about these amazing animals. She has also been able to snorkel in a lot of places and loves exploring the ocean. Thanks for spreading shark education Lily and thanks for sharing your shark story.

1. What is your favorite shark and why?

I think all sharks are fascinating and unique but I think hammerhead sharks are particularly interesting. I find it crazy that they have 360-degree vision and that hammerheads can’t get sun burned.

2. What is one shark you would like to see/swim with?

I think it would be amazing to swim with a hammerhead shark to watch them. I think swimming with the giant creatures would be thrilling and inspiring.

3. What got you interested in sharks?

In school we were learning about female explorers and the teacher showed us a short video on Jillian Morris. The video caught my attention so I decided to do my school project on her. During my research on sharks I learned more about these incredible creatures. I’ve also snorkeled in the Caribbean numerous times. Seeing all the breath-taking plants and animals has also sparked an interest in marine life and conservationist work.

4. Do you want to work with sharks when you are older?

I want to work with marine life when I’m older. I don’t know what specifically that might include but if sharks are apart of that it would be special.

5. Do you think kids, no matter where they live, can help save sharks?

Kids can certainly play a role in saving sharks. No matter where you live, fundraisers and education about sharks are possible and can really make a difference. When people understand more about sharks, the stereotypes and misunderstandings are often cleared up and they tend to be more passionate about sharks instead of wary of them.

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