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Book Review: Discovering Sharks

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

Author Donna Parham and illustrator Julius Csotonyi have teamed up to create a truly engaging shark resource for students. This book is filled with FIN tastic facts and profiles over 50 different species of shark. The artwork is not only detailed, but incredibly beautiful.

We love the variety of facts and diversity of species featured. While including some of the more well known and popular species like tigers and whites, the book also highlights prehistoric sharks ( including Megalodon) along with the wonderful world of deep sea sharks. Even the angular roughshark, angel shark and Ganges River shark each got their own page.

Each shark featured has a fact file including where they are found, average length, identifying characteristics and a science fact. Discovering Sharks also has a section about endangered species and the global threats to all sharks.

Our favorite section is "Superlatives," showcasing the fastest, biggest, longest tail, weirdest way of eating ( cookiecutter shark) and more.

This is definitely a great reference book with a different approach to delivering facts and the fascinating story of sharks. The illustrations elevate each page to a new level with their amazing detail. We think students and teachers alike, will really want to take a BITE out of this book!!

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