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Professor Clark the Science Shark

We connected with Scott and Karen Lamberson, the team behind the Professor Clark the Science Shark book series.

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1. What is your favorite shark and why?

My Husband and my favorite shark is the tiger shark! These sharks are not only beautiful, they also seem to have individual personalities, which is why, they would be one we would love to dive with. Emma, the 15 foot tiger shark who lives in The Bahamas, is also the inspiration of our book series "Professor Clark, the Science Shark."

Emma the tiger shark Image: Jillian Morris

2. What inspired Professor Clark the Science Shark?

My husband & I were inspired to write Professor Clark because there are no species in the ocean that needs our help more than sharks. We wanted our book to be based on science, and I wanted children to be able to connect with my stories to help them develop empathy for these misunderstood creatures.

3. What is one thing you wish everyone knew about sharks?

We wish more people would educate themselves on the importance of healthy shark populations in our oceans, and how they need to be viewed for what they really are, essential and fascinating animals vital to our ecosystem. Not as the media usually falsely portrays them.

Our fully integrated, progressive, children's education Books (5 book series) are currently utilized in over 9000 3rd grade classrooms in 38 Florida School Districts. Children from 1st to 5th grades love our books with a fintastic storyline and gorgeous hand drawn illustrations filled with school districts testing vocabulary words with definitions, Fun Fin Facts and State Standards for the eductors and home school parents to teach by. We also partner with a non profit organization The Andrew 'Red' Harris Foundation. Each book has a special section of their artificial reef program off the coast of Florida, that kids really love. Our 6th book The Journey our 1st chapter book is due out soon. It's the best book yet, featuring Mia the paddleboarder who actually reminds us of Jillian.

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