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Book Review: Sharks a 400 Million Year Journey

We get asked about prehistoric sharks all the time, so we are really excited about this book. Great illustrations and facts take you through the incredible evolution of sharks from the first shark-like fish to modern day threats these animals are facing. Ted Rechlin begins in the Paleozoic era and then moves through 4 parts, taking the reader on an illustrated journey of the weird and wonderful sharks from each era.

The illustrations are captivating and make the book appealing for a wide range of ages Students will love the drawings and educators will love the concise delivery of facts. This is definitely a great reference tool for a classroom or library.

Rechlin draws a link between the ocean and the land, so you will even see a dinosaur in the booK! Who doesn’t love a book with sharks and dinosaurs!? We love his use of the word “coexist.” Sharks live in the ocean. It is there home and we must learn to respect and appreciate that. We can and must coexist with animals on the planet and this is a very important lesson for kids of all ages. Rechlin also writes, “ sharks deserve so much more than our fear.” Powerful words and a beautifully told story. This is a must for any shark enthusiast, science teacher or library! You can take a bite out of this book at Far Country Press.

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