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Meet Sharks4Kids FIN Tastic Allstar

We are thrilled to welcome Jake to our JAWsome Junior Ambassador team. He will be collaborating with our Tampa team to share his passion with sharks with other students in the area.

1.How old are you?

11 Years old

2. What are your hobbies?

My hobbies are catching lizard, researching sharks, and building Legos.

3. How and When did you first become interested in sharks?

In Kindergarten I went to the library and decided to look into the nonfiction section. I picked a book in the ocean creatures section. I read it, came back the next day, and got a book that was from the same series. I went back each day (Or whenever I could) and got a new book. I found a book about sharks then read it. I was absolutely captivated by them. I read more and more about sharks. Eventually there was not one shark-related book that I hadn't read in that library( Although it took until 2nd grade). And I still love sharks.

4. What is your favorite type of shark and why?

My favorite shark is the Shortfin Mako Shark (Isurus oxyrinchus). The reason is that it is the fastest shark. The thing that I really like about the Shortfin Mako is it's streamlined body as well as it's eyes that help them detect low levels of light that strike others as creepy. In general I like a fascinating shark.

5. What is one thing you want people to know about sharks?

That 120,000,000 sharks are killed each year, the shark fin trade accounts for 73,000,000 dead sharks. This piece of information could make a lot of people rethink the reputation of sharks. Also sharks can accumulate deadly amounts of BMAA and methyl-mercury which can prove to be incredibly dangerous for human consumption. There is a quote that I cannot emphasize more "You know whats scarier than an ocean full of sharks? An ocean without them."

Thank you so much for this opportunity to share my passion for sharks.

Jake ready to tag sharks with University of Miami

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