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Meet Sharks4Kids Regional Ambassador Nick Villers

We met ocean lover Nick at Shark Con and he literally DIVED into our education program. Nick loves diving and freediving and you will see him at events around the Tampa/St. Pete area. We are thrilled to welcome Nick to the team.

1. What is your favorite shark and why? Tiger sharks are my absolute favorite. I like their markings and they eat just about anything like me.

2. What is one species of shark you would like to see/swim with and why? I would love to swim with Thresher sharks to see that beautiful tail in action.

3. Can you tell us a little about how you got interested in sharks? I am always trying to find more ways to explore wildlife while freediving, but I was uncertain about diving with sharks at first glance. That uncertainty changed immediately during my first shark dive. To feel connected with a shark while you’re diving with them is truly peaceful. Now I’m constantly searching online for shark dive experiences with reputable shark experts. Thanks for the knowledge of Sharks4kids ambassadors Gabe and Michelle for sparking my interest with these amazing creatures.

4. Have you had a really cool moment in the water with a shark? Can you tell us about it My absolute coolest experience is freediving underneath a smooth hammerhead shark. It was interested in me as I started my dive and we were circling each other doing an underwater dance. After that, I thought it lost interest in me as it started to swim away. I dove 10 feet deeper to turn around and see him coming back. I faced him as he swam right over me, and we continued to dance our way back to the surface.

5. Why do you want to teach kids about sharks?

I remember being so interested in sharks as a kid, but I only learned through the public library. I’m happy that sharks4kids makes learning about sharks way more interactive compared to finding shark books after learning the Dewey decimal system. I also admire kids energy and there willingness to retain and regurgitate information about sharks. I’m hoping to help bring a new generation of shark and ocean conservationists.

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