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Meet FIN Tastic Allstar Samaira

Samaira is 8 years old and lives in India. She has turned her room into "The Shark Room."

Thanks for your passion for sharks Samaira.

1. What is your favorite shark?

My favorite ancient shark is Megalodon. Today I like the Great White shark.

2. What is one species of shark you would like to see?

I would like to see the Sand tiger and Mandarin dogfish as I feel it's barbels relate to a plesiosaurus:-). I know all ancient sharks from Ginsu, Crusher, Otodus,Hybodus, Eel, Unicorn, Helicoprion and have painted them on mini canvasses. I relate them to ancient marine Dino's Pleisiosaurus, Mosasaurus, Pliosaurus, Tycodus, TDunkleosteous fish, ancient whales Brygmophysetter, Zygmophysetter etc.

3.What inspired you create your amazing Shark Room?

I don't like shark finning and feel the pain of sharks. I want to hug sharks. I feel pity how these majestic apex Predators of the ocean are chopped. Made a model of please don't chop my fins it hurts! This is not right. They are brave and majestic animals who need respect and I love them.

I wish to adopt a shark and pet a shark. India will have oceanarium by next year so I cannot see sharks till then but I want to see sharks now and everyday . With mummy's help I created my Shark room which is because I respect them and don't want to see their pain which is very bad. On my mini museum entrance wall, I have written "please respect my sharks!" I am now 8 year home schooler in India. Created my shark room from 7 years.

4. Do you think kids can help save sharks?

Kid power is best because they love sharks in a very true way. I feel sad when I can't dive right now only pool dive so I will truly save them when I dive that's why I created shark mini museum now. I made tickets and wrist bands from paper for it.

Most things I crafted with hands, charts on sharks of the deep also. I design my own shark goodies. Love to decorate my Meg wall painting with a robe, pouch, headgear and sword she was the queen and ruler of oceans. I have made my own ancient sharks with dinosaurs food web and collect stone fossils from outside to show shark teeth because I don't stay in coastal area right now.

5. Why do you want to help save sharks?

I want to save sharks to save the oceans. I put a slogan Save Sharks! Save Oceans! Wish to make people know more about shark conservation in coastal areas of India and the world. Hope kids learn and help me and around the world that they be my friends.

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