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LemonAID for Sharks

We recently received an email from a man telling us about how his grandchildren wanted to help sharks.

While watching shark week my grandchildren wanted to do something to help the cause. Since we live on Lake Huron where we brag no salt no sharks they thought there was something that they could do. So they got the computer out and started researching. They really like what you were doing and came up with a plan. They made brownies, lemonade, cupcakes and added from their own gently used toys. They set up their shop at the end of the driveway and began selling. At the end of the sale they made $150. My granddaughter Jovi was the ring leader. I asked her why she wanted to do this and she said, "we are saving the sharks because they are killed by fisherman every week especially in South Africa. We love sharks because they are special sea animals."

These kids have donated this money to our work and we are so proud of them! We really appreciate the support and hope they continue to spread shark education to their friends.

No matter where you live or how young you are, you can make a difference.

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