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Sharks4Kids June FIN Tastic Allstar of the month: Zoë

We are excited to introduce you to our June Junior Shark Ambassador Zoë. She has been doing some amazing work to be a voice for sharks!!!

1. What is your favorite shark and why? Thresher because it’s tail is like a ribbon. My second favorite shark is a Whale Shark because they are endangered and I want to save them.

2. What is one shark you would love to see/swim with? A Whale Shark

3. Why do you love sharks? I think they are beautiful & magical animals. What is your favorite thing about sharks? I love their different patterns.

4. Why do you want to help sharks? I want to save them because without them we can’t survive.

5. Do you think kids can save sharks? Yes How? Because adults listen to kids when they talk about saving the planet.

6. Why do you want to be a Sharks4Kids Junior Shark Ambassador? Because I want to help the Sharks4Kids team help the world learn about sharks.

Zoe wrote Dr. Syliva Earle last year in August for her birthday and to let her know what she was up to. On March 14th, Zoe received a letter back encouraging her to keep fighting for what she loved.

Zoe's 2nd Grade (volunteer) Science Project was about Plastic. "Does Plastic Ever Go Away?" She ran an experiment on her own to see if plastic and compostable items would show signs of decomposing over a 9 week time frame. She put them in pet store made Pacific Ocean water and buried the same items in the ground in our yard. She did this with utensils, straws and bags. The only thing that decomposed was the paper bag. See attached photos for her project! She took this project to a local school and shared it with 3 kindergarten classes (52 students!) and they all walked away more educated and even started a heated discussion in the lunch room the next day! The teachers worked together with the kids to thank Zoe for education her by making her a book of drawings and conservation notes. Here are some photos of the pages and here is a fun YouTube link to the final "No More Plastic" chant!

Zoe and I have initiated a monthly clean-up, which started last month. This will take place in local parks or near water sources to help keep our oceans and steams clean and safe for the local animals. WATCH THE VIDEO

The latest thing she is working on is helping our local town with a pilot project "Straws on Demand", where the City of Ashland (Oregon), Conservation Committee is launching with a few restaurants to encourage people to forget about straws by not offering them. If they demand one, the business will offer a reusable or sustainable solution.

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