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Earth Day Every Day

To celebrate Earth Day we are excited to share our new coloring sheet.

Thanks to the incredibly talented SHARKTOPIA for bringing our vision to life! Check out her page for LOTS of incredible artwork.

Students can help sharks EVERY single day, so here are a few easy ways to help #SaveSharks!

  1. Say NO to single use plastic. Bring a reusable water bottle to school, ask your family to use canvas grocery bags and skip the plastic straws. Encourage your friends to do the same.

  2. Learn about sharks! There are some great shark books out there or explore our website for JAWsome facts! The more you know the more you can speak up for sharks.

  3. Be an ambassador for sharks! Tell friends you think sharks are cool! Spread the word and share some FINtastic facts.

  4. Share your shark love with your class and ask your teachers to schedule a shark lesson with Sharks4Kids.

  5. Make a poster, write a blog or make a video about sharks. These are easy and fun ways to tell other people how important these amazing animals are.

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