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Take a Bite out of World Read Aloud Day with These 5 Books.

February 1 is World Read Aloud Day, so why not DIVE in and share these JAWsome books.

1. Norman the Nurse Shark

Written by our founder Jillian Morris, this book teachers students about nurse sharks, ocean ecosystems and the threats sharks face.

2. Swimming with Sharks- The Daring

Discoveries of Eugenie Clark.

Written by Heather Lang.

This book shares the adventures of scientist and

“Shark Lady,” Genie Clark. It’s a great read to inspire

the next generation of female shark advocates!

3. Hark! A Shark Written by Bonnie Worth

This book is really fun to read because it is written

in rhyme. It’s a fun way to teach kids about sharks

and great for story time.

4. Surprising Sharks

Written by Nicola Davies

This books is great for teaching kids about shark

diversity and is done with humor and great illustrations.

5. If Sharks Disappeared

Written by Lily Williams

This book tells the story of what happens when sharks are removed from the ocean. The illustrations

are beautiful and it will get students thinking about how to save sharks and why these animals are so important

for our oceans.

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