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Meet Sharks4Kids Junior Ambassador Charlotte (UK)

Charlotte LOVES sharks and has been lucky enough to even swim with them on the Great Barrier Reef! She is also a PADI Seal Team Member! Charlotte loves to do posters to help spread the word for sharks and we are thrilled to have her as a Sharks4Kids Shark Ambassador!

Sharks4Kids Junior Ambassador Charlotte Scuba Diving

1. What is your favorite Shark and Why?

My favorite shark is a sicklefin lemon shark because it is the first shark I ever swam with ( On the Great Barrier Reef in Australia).

2. Why do you want to help sharks and ocean life?

Because the sea is a nice quiet place that hasn’t been invaded by humans yet. If all the sea life is gone it wont be a very exciting place.

3. What is the one species of shark that you would like to swim with or see in the wild?

A Hammerhead. I’ve never seen on in real life before and they have an amazing shaped head!

4. What are you doing to help sharks?

I was drawing a sea life picture and decided to turn it into a poster about shark finning. I talk about sharks at school with my friends. I have been interviewed about swimming with Lemon sharks at Bristol Festival of nature – I told the man how you could identify one by its two dorsal fins. I read as many books as I can to learn about them; I have learned the names of 30 different species of shark.

5) What is your favorite shark fact?

My favorite shark facts is that they can regrow their teeth!

Charlotte the PADI Diver

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