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Meet Sharks4Kids Junior Ambassador Charlotte (UK)

Charlotte LOVES sharks and has been lucky enough to even swim with them on the Great Barrier Reef! She is also a PADI Seal Team Member! Charlotte loves to do posters to help spread the word for sharks and we are thrilled to have her as a Sharks4Kids Shark Ambassador!

1. What is your favorite Shark and Why?

My favorite shark is a sicklefin lemon shark because it is the first shark I ever swam with ( On the Great Barrier Reef in Australia).

2. Why do you want to help sharks and ocean life?

Because the sea is a nice quiet place that hasn’t been invaded by humans yet. If all the sea life is gone it wont be a very exciting place.

3. What is the one species of shark that you would like to swim with or see in the wild?

A Hammerhead. I’ve never seen on in real life before and they have an amazing shaped head!

4. What are you doing to help sharks?

I was drawing a sea life picture and decided to turn it into a poster about shark finning. I talk about sharks at school with my friends. I have been interviewed about swimming with Lemon sharks at Bristol Festival of nature – I told the man how you could identify one by its two dorsal fins. I read as many books as I can to learn about them; I have learned the names of 30 different species of shark.

5) What is your favorite shark fact?

My favorite shark facts is that they can regrow their teeth!

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