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Sharks4Kids Collaborates with the Department of Education in Turks and Caicos  

The Department of Education would like to thank Sharks4Kids for organizing and delivering lessons and field visits to our primary and secondary schools. 

Shark4kids aims to inspire the next generation of shark advocates through education, outreach, and adventure. Since 2019, the team has visited schools in Turks and Caicos, returning this year for the third installment of Project Lemon Aid.

The project focuses on lemon sharks, particularly juveniles, to understand their population and habitat use around Turks and Caicos. Students get hands-on science experience, assisting with data collection and learning about the importance of sharks.

“Sharks and our oceans are in trouble, and education is critical for conservation,” says Jillian Morris, Founder and President of Sharks4Kids. “We want students to feel empowered, to know they can make a difference. Providing them with facts instead of fear helps inspire curiosity and excitement to take action.”

“A crucial part of Project Lemon Aid is the education element,” adds Candace Fields, Sharks4Kids Ambassador. “By going to schools, we can be informed about sharks' economic and ecological importance. It’s always special to be part of fostering scientific curiosity and a genuine interest in sharks in the future generation of ocean advocates.”

During May, Jillian, Candace, and Michelle spoke to students at Ianthe Pratt Primary School, Thelma Lightbourne Primary School, Oseta Jolly Primary School, Louise Garland High School, Clement Howell High School, Provo Primary School, and the Edward C. Gartland Youth Centre. Over 1000 students learned about sharks, their role in the Turks and Caicos ecosystem, the research being done, and how they can help save sharks. Staff members from Big Blue Collective also joined the team. The goal is to involve more local team members in classrooms throughout the year, and this event marked the beginning of that initiative. Students at the Youth Centre participated in a mock shark tagging activity and experienced a Virtual Reality shark dive.

In addition, students from Clement Howell High School, Precious Treasures, Provo Primary, and Alpha Christian Academy joined the team in the field, helping with all aspects of data collection during the scientific workups.

“Seeing the change in students’ attitudes toward sharks is incredible,” says Michelle Jensen, Sharks4Kids Ambassador. “Fear turns into fascination, and they start cheering for sharks instead of running from them. We’re sparking a lifelong love for these incredible creatures and instilling a sense of responsibility for their protection.”

Adding to the exciting experience offered to the students of Turks and Caicos, Hon. Rachel Taylor, Minister of Education, remarked, “The partnership with Sharks4Kids has provided an invaluable opportunity for our students to engage in hands-on learning and develop a deeper understanding of marine conservation. It’s inspiring to see our young people so enthusiastic about protecting our natural resources.”

Shark4kids would like to thank Ms. Elisann Delancy, Curriculum Development Officer from the Ministry of Education, and local partners for their support.

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