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Meet FIN Tastic Allstar Hope

Hope is 12 and lives in Indiana. She decided to create her own shark conservation badge for Girl Scouts. To do this she taught her troop all about sharks and did different activities with them. No matter where we live, sharks matter. Thanks to Hope for being a voice for these amazing animals.

Hope teaching her Girl Scout Troop about sharks

1. What is your favorite species of shark and why?

My favorite shark species is the one and only Megladon. I love this extinct shark so much because Megladon is stereotyped as a killing machine when he was not. I love Megladon for a few more reasons; he was a rare, six gilled shark and that particular shark was the biggest shark in the world until it became extinct.

2. What is one species of shark you would love to see?

I can not narrow it down to one shark that I would like to see. But I do have three sharks that I would like to swim with; the Great White shark, the Tiger shark, and the Bull shark.

3. Why do you care about sharks?

My love of sharks began as a non verbal,  2 year old when I saw the Disney “Oceans” movie. I could not talk as a 2 year old because of a speech delay. I love sharks because they are innocent creatures. People keep finning Sharks and before you know it they will be extinct. I love sharks because I want to protect them from being gone.

4. Why did you want to teach your Girl Scout Troop about sharks?

My mom is my Girl Scout Troop Leader and I always wanted to do a shark meeting. Now, that I am a Cadette, I finally get to run my own meeting about whatever I want.

5. Can you tell us about your project and what you did?

When my fellow Cadettes walked in the building, we started with coloring and drawing sharks. The next activity was shark bingo. I wanted to do this to teach about the different  types of sharks species. Next, I brought my two shark jaws, shark teeth, and mermaid purse. I made a game with the teeth and shark teeth worksheet where they had to guess and match the real teeth to the teeth on the worksheet. Next, I used my shark anatomy 3D puzzle to teach about the shark’s body. I took out the pieces of the puzzle and set out  my shark anatomy book as a guide to help them complete the puzzle. I had two trick pieces that were not in the book as a challenge. After that, we had shark inspired cupcakes. They were chocolate and vanilla with blue frosting and an Oreo cut to look like a dorsal fin. Last but not least,  I brought all of my shark books and shark stuffed animals to give them time to read about sharks. I just want to say thank you for wanting me to spread the word about how much that I love sharks.

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