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Meet Artist Wendy Barnes

Wendy Barnes is a wildlife artist creating sustainable lifestyle designs from original pen and ink drawings that she develops into fabrics and who gives back by donating a portion of proceeds to partnered conservation organizations.

Her entrepreneurial journey began in 2012 as she transitioned from her position in New York City to have her daughter and stay at home. Not able to sit still, with a new-found “motherly love” for all creatures, Wendy began interpreting wildlife in pen and ink. Her passion was ignited, launching an art and design business featuring wildlife drawings paired philanthropically and was a finalist in Martha Stewart’s American Made contest 2014.

When her family relocated to Florida in 2015, Wendy seized an opportunity to learn more about her new-found love for conservation as a program coordinator for a few years at her local zoo, forging relationships with non-profits worldwide. With an insider understanding of the needs and standards of NGO’s, she could now comfortably navigate the organizations with whom she would partner.

Wendy Barnes Design’s vision is to champion wildlife conservation by blending forward-thinking design with awareness and support for the natural world. Of equal importance to Wendy, each customer participates in wildlife conservation by choosing her products for good.

We are excited to partner with Wendy for 2 shark designs. The great hammerhead design was created from an image of Scylla ( the Bimini great hammerhead) taken by our founder Jillian Morris. Grab some eco friendly merch and support our work!

1. What is your favorite shark and why?

My favorite shark is a Great White - I love the way they command attention merely by their presence.

2. What is one shark you would love to see/dive with/swim with?

I would love to see a Tiger Shark in the water and experience what the striped pattern looks like shimmering as it moves.

3. What inspired you to create eco products?

I began drawing wildlife and giving back to conservation for the artwork alone. When it organically led to product design with fabrics designed with the artwork, it made perfect sense to create products that also benefitted the good of our planet and their habitats.

4. What inspired you to add animals to these products and to support conservation?

I knew if I had the opportunity to build a business from scratch, and its success was based off of animal designs, I had a duty to give back in exchange for profiting off their beauty.

5. What message do you hope people take from your creations? They definitely are conversation starters.

The message I hope to convey is that while I have many endangered species patterns, I equally celebrate common species. I feel that unless we learn to view, treat and respect all wildlife equally, it will continue to be a cycle of species going endangered and only then getting the attention they need. I also love using design to expose customers to new animals purely based on them liking a design or color. My hope is that anyone selling products featuring wildlife designs will choose to give back to conservationists working to protect them.

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