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Continuing Shark Education, West Side Puerto Rico

Our ambassador Jeynaliz Ortiz Gonzalez has been very busy teaching students all over Puerto Rico about sharks.

This semester has proven to be quite fintastic, as more and more schools jump into the world of sharks. Puerto Rico is an island with free access to a staggering number of known species throughout the year. Therefore, understanding their roles and unique qualities is imperative for the rising generation so that they will continue conservation efforts.. As word about Sharks4Kids travels, we continue to motivate schools to participate!

On October 17, I visited 125 students (Kinder, Second and Third grade) in a small school located in Isabela, PR. We talked about the true nature and biology of sharks and took up a little extra time debunking myths! Many thought sharks were mindless, scary hunters like in the Megalodon movies. As the lesson progressed, a shift in perspective shone through! I was so excited to receive questions and hear about everyone’s favorite shark facts discussed during the lesson.

The final discussion was based on reflection. By brainstorming ideas on how to keep our oceans clean and how to share information on sharks with our friends, a seed of both individual and collective power to make such small acts was planted and will leave a lasting positive impact on sharks and other marine life.

Favorite fact of the day: Most sharks are cold-blooded, yet a select few like the great white, salmon, and short-fin mako can be considered to have warm blooded capabilities by elevating internal temperatures. This helps them keep their agility and intensity in colder environments!

Favorite shark: Thresher! (Because, as one student said and many agreed with, they’re “cute water scorpions”)

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