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Book Review: Misunderstood Shark Friends Don't Eat Friends

This is the second book in the series from Ame Dyckman and Scott Magoon, picking up right where Misunderstood Shark left off. Shark has accidentally eaten Bob the Jellyfish. Bob has been spat out and is really mad. Shark tries to explain that he was only giving Bob an exclusive tour and it was temporary. Bob claims the ocean is not big enough for the both of them and Shark retreats to his cave. The two friends must find a way to share the ocean and the other creatures are willing to help!

The book is playful and fun, while also sharing interesting facts about sharks. The banter between Shark and Bob, the jellyfish is comical; both kids and adults will enjoy. It also explores the topic of what is means to be a good friend. We love the comedy and great facts. This provides an excellent opportunity for kids to laugh, but to also learn about the marine world. The shark facts are positive and kids will definitely love Shark.

Scott Magoon does an excellent job of adding to the comic value with the expressions on all the sea creatures!

This is a must have for your library, classroom or home library.

Recommended for ages 3-5

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