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FIN Tastic Team Interviews: Meet Angela Warrior

Angela has worked around the world on various conservation and education projects. She is currently the manager of the Bimini Sharklab.

How long have you been involved with Sharks4Kids?

I became involved with S4K in spring 2017. I met Jillian whilst volunteering at the Bimini Sharklab in 2014. Because of my passion for outreach, I found Jillian to be a real inspiration. I contacted Jillian after working on some outreach projects in the Philippines and wanted to continue when I went back home to the UK.

What has been the highlight so far?

The highlight for me is helping Jillian with the Google hangouts here at the Sharklab. We are able to to reach so many children around the world, yesterday we talked to 600 children!! They always shock me with the questions they have to ask us, and they are always so excited to be joining us which makes me so happy to see. I feel we are changing perceptions on a daily basis.

What made you interested in sharks?

I have always wanted to be a marine biologist, since I watched my first underwater documentary with David Attenborough. Whilst living in Thailand and working as a Divemaster I noticed the decline in sharks around our local bay and nobody seemed to be alarmed about it. We started shark snorkeling trips to educate people on the beauty and importance of sharks. Whilst studying for my Masters in marine conservation, I wrote a paper on shark finning after watching the film Sharkwater, this really inspired me to turn my efforts to help conserve these beautiful animals through education and research.

Favorite shark experience

Hands down my most memorable experience was when I was working in the Phillipines, studying whale sharks. I had a wonderful moment where I was photo-identifying a young male when he turned around and looked at me, he slowed down and stayed by my side, continuously looking in my direction and swimming next to me for around half an hour, it was precious and I will never forget it.

What do you look forward to in the future with Shark4Kids?

I look forward to always being a part of it, I love outreach so much and it makes me so happy to be involved with such a worthwhile program. One of my favourite experineces was working for Save our Seas in South Africa. I helped run a program called the marine exploreres. This program was aimed at children from disadvantaged areas in South Africa. They began the program with me with barely any experinece in the ocean or any passion for ocean conservation, by the end of the program a whole new world had opened up. The joy I saw in their faces as they dived down into the kelp changed my life. This is what makes me happy and I want to keep instilling this passion through my own work and by working with Jillian and Shark4Kids.

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