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FIN tastic Team Interviews: Duncan Brake

Today, meet our media director Duncan Brake!

1. How long have you been involved with Sharks4Kids? Since the beginning.... 2. What has been a highlight moment while working with Sharks4Kids? I am always amazed how engaged, thankful and polite children from poverty stricken regions and lesser means are when they take part in some of the sharks4kids programs. It is rewarding when they take the message home to their parents and hopefully change some mindsets to become in favor of sharks. 3. What made you interested in sharks? Ever since I was little I have had a primordial fascination with sharks and as I grew older loved them even more as they are a true flag ship species for education and a great health indicator of our oceans. 4. Favorite shark experience: I have been lucky enough to experience lemon sharks giving birth 4 times.... Watching a perfect little predator immediately, break the umbilical cord, switch on, sensory overload and become a shark independent of it's mother is an amazing marvel of nature. 5. What do you look forward to in the future with Sharks4kids? Getting more kids out from behind computers, away from phones, off social media and into the wild to experience sharks first hand !!!

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