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Meet Sharks4Kids Junior Ambassador Christopher

We believe kids can make a difference and our junior ambassador program highlights those that are doing their part to save sharks! Meet Christopher, our newest ambassador. Christopher loves the ocean and has an amazing curiosity about all the animals living in it. We definitely think he is a marine biologist in the making! Let’s learn a little more about him and his love for sharks!

Christopher with Sharks4Kids founders Jillian Morris and Duncan Brake

1) What is your favorite shark and why?

My favorite shark is the Lemon Shark because yellow is my favorite color.

2) Why do you want to help sharks and ocean life?

I don’t want sharks to go extinct because it will throw everything out of balance.

3) What is one species of shark you would like to swim with or see in the wild?

The Megamouth Shark but it is extremely rare less than 20 have been found.

4) What are you doing to help sharks?

I’ve been learning about them and telling my friends and teachers and family about them.

5) What is your favorite shark fact?

That shark skin is made up of microscopic teeth!

Christopher snorkeling with stingrays Credit: Duncan Brake

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