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April Featured FIN Tastic Allstar Mason

Mason has been spreading shark and ocean awareness for a few years and we've loved seeing all his amazing projects. He does presentations at school, has organized recycling programs and does beach cleanups! Thanks Mason for your hard work and for sharing your shark story!

Mason recently did a commercial for London Drugs about making a difference through recycling!

1. What is your favorite shark and why? My favorite shark is the bull shark because that is the first shark I had a close encounter with in Florida. I like their unique ability to swim in fresh and salt water. 2. What is one species of shark you would like to see/swim with? I would love to swim with a whale shark because of their magnificent size. They are gentle giants. 3. Why do you want to help save sharks? I want to help save sharks because they’re a key animal in the eco system and food chain. Without sharks as apex predators the food chain is altered and in the end we will lose the amount of fish we can catch. 4. How can kids help save sharks? Kids can make a big difference by spreading awareness about sharks being endangered and how important they are to our oceans. In my school I work in the kindergarten class and teach them about animals and why they should protect them. I make posters and do presentations about different animals and how to keep the oceans healthy. On social media I use INSTAGRAM

Facebook and YouTube (Mason’s Ocean) to reach a wider audience to educate and empower people to make changes to help keep the oceans healthy. I just filmed a video with London Drugs about recycling. All the changes we make help keep our oceans healthy which help keep the animals, like sharks, healthy. When I see stores selling shark meat I speak with them about the types of shark meat their selling and why they shouldn’t. Shark meat has high levels of mercury which is bad or us to eat and most shark meat is mislabeled so endangered sharks could be caught and sold for their meat. 5. Why is shark education important? Shark education is important to spread awareness to the amount of sharks that are being killed for their meat and fins every year. Education helps get rid of the fears and misconceptions people have about sharks. 6. Do you want to work with sharks when you are older? I would love to work with sharks when I’m older. I would love to get my phD in marine biology and become a leading marine biologist.

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