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Fin Tastic Team Interviews: Meet Leann Winn

Leann is a marine biologist and teacher who has worked with us since we started. Thanks Leann for sharing your shark story in honor of our 5 year anniversary.

1. How long have you been involved with Sharks4Kids?

Since its inception

2. What has been a highlight moment while working with Sharks4Kids?

The opportunity to see Jillian's (S4K founder and my best friend) vision become a reality.

3. What made you interested in sharks?

Their mysterious and misunderstood behavior.

4. Favorite shark experience:

A recent experience holds near and dear to me at this time. I have encountered adult white sharks in both South Africa and Guadalupe. A few years ago, I was on an expedition in the waters surrounding New York. It was not simply a white shark expedition, so the encounter I am about to describe was unexpected. We caught a white shark and were in the middle of the work up when we spotted the umbilical scar and realized it was a young-of-the-year (Young of the Year ), meaning that it was age 0. Whites may not be my favorite species, but to encounter the size difference between the life stages was truly something; that is, until I encounter a juvenile or YOY whale shark.

5. What do you look forward to in the future with Sharks4kids?

The implication of high school materials, the expansion of the curriculum, and the ever growing reach and potential of the organization as whole on a global scale.

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