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4 Reasons the World Needs Sharks

Sharks are without doubt fascinating and beautiful creatures, but they also have a very important role in keeping our planet healthy. How do they do it?

Here are 4 ways sharks make a big difference - and of course - 4 good reasons to protect them!

1. Sharks keep the food chain balanced and healthy

Some sharks are at the top of the food chain ( Apex Predators) and the world needs enough of them to make sure they gobble up the old, sick or slower fish and keep the rest of the population healthy.

Sharks are important- Shark Business

Infographic created by Shark Business (

2. Sharks can teach us a lot about design

Think of how quickly and gracefully a Great White glides underwater, compared to a hefty old barnacled boat! Researchers are trying to imitate the frictionless, algae-free properties of shark skin in order to uncover the secrets that make the animal so speedy.

Visual designs have also been inspired by these incredible ocean predators, such as the 1961 Mako Shark Corvette – now that’s a pretty cool car.

1963 Mako Corvette

1963 Mako Corvette ( Wikipedia)

3. Our fascination with sharks can support local economies

Paying to see these fascinating creatures helps boost tourism and make money for smaller regions otherwise dependent on primary industries such as farming and fishing. Whilst it’s very important that this happens sustainably (for the humans and the sharks), it has the potential to transform lives.

4. They make us homo sapiens feel young and inexperienced(!)

Sharks have been around for 450 million years! And homo sapiens for just 200,000… These creatures have such a long legacy and still play a vital, inspirational role in our world today. Kinda makes you feel small!


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