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Mason, our May junior ambassador, has been working hard to raise awareness of plastic alternatives, distributing them in his school, signing petitions and encouraging local restaurants to switch to biodegradable options… (Read more about him here)

But what small changes can we all make to use less plastic day-to-day? Here are 5 ways you can challenge yourself to change your habits and make a difference.

If you reckon you’re already pretty good at this ocean saving stuff, see how many of these you do and give yourself 1 point for each!


Charity Strawless Ocean launched a campaign called “#stopsucking” encouraging people to say no to straws unless they’re from paper or metal. Do your bit simply by saying “no” to a plastic straw when you’re having a drink out and about, and buy metal, paper or glass ones to use at home!

Image Credit: Evening Standard TAKE YOUR OWN FORK


Think of all the times you use plastic cutlery – by saying no and having an alternative with you, you can save a LOT of plastic. Doing something as simple as taking a fork or spoon with you out and about can help save the ocean. Also, those plastic things aren’t even practical – they snap on you when you least expect it…


Carrying your own re-usable bag can be pretty useful (you can store your fork in there too!) and it also means you don’t pick up a load of plastic at the store and take it home. Get one that folds up real small and it won’t even be a hassle to carry around.


Even if you only have time at the weekend, doing your grocery shopping at the local market can make a big difference to the amount of plastic food wrap you use. Plus, you get to support local farmers and know that your food hasn’t travelled far to reach you!


Did you know that chewing gum is made of… plastic? Not only can the synthetic rubber cause damage by sticking and drying on just about anything (take a look at the sidewalk next time you’re out) but it also can’t biodegrade. So the less we chew, the less it’ll ‘stick’ around.


How many points did you get? What about your friends and family?

If you got…

4-5/5 points – you’re an ocean saving machine. I bet you have a re-usable water bottle too… Why not go a step further and help with a beach clean-up?

2-3/5 points – Turtley Amazing! You’re doing great, which number will you pick for your next challenge?

0-1/5 points – Whaley Bad! - Pick one from this list and have a go at changing the habit, you’ll find it soon comes naturally!

If you’ve got any more handy suggestions, we’d love to hear them in the comments below!

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