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Click icon to download materials. Full teaching packet is available or you can download each component separately. These materials align with NGSS, Common Core and Ocean Literacy for grades 1-2.

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Let's investigate sharks
All about sharks full teach packet 

This packet includes the teaching guide for the PowerPoint PDF, vocab list and 2 activities to accompany the lesson. Aligns with NGSS, Common Core, Ocean Literacy and UN SDGs.

grade 1-2 Walking sharK Craft

In this activity students will create their own epaulette shark, which is a species of that can actually walk!

habitat craft.jpg

Grade 1-2: Comparing shark habitats

Students will explore 2 unique ocean habitats and the sharks that call them home.

Grade 1-2 Powerpoint.jpg
Grade 1-2 guide.jpg

Download this Powerpoint presentation PDF and use the guide to teach grade 1 & 2 ( age 6-8) students about these amazing creatures.

This packet goes with the Let's Investigate Sharks: All About Sharks Powerpoint PDF. Help grade 1-2 students DIVE into the world of sharks with this teaching guide.

Let's investigate sharks
All about sharks powerpoint guide

Let's investigate sharks
All about sharks powerpoint pdf

grade 1-2 vocab.jpg

Includes a full vocabulary pack for teaching grade 1-2 students all about sharks and the ecosystem they live in.

Let's investigate sharks
All about sharks vocabulary

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