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MARCH 23-June 17



Saving Ocean Giants from Extinction with Dr. Andrea Marshall

June 4, 10 am EST, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81526414078

Andrea was the first person in the world to complete a PhD on manta rays. Andrea’s world-leading manta ray research program continues to examine aspects of their biology, reproductive ecology, habitat use, migrations and social behavior. Aside from dramatically increasing the level of knowledge on manta rays themselves, Andrea’s discovery of a new giant species of manta ray in 2009 was one of the largest new species to have been described by any scientist in the last 50 years.

In 2012 she, along with Dr. Simon Pierce, founded the Marine Megafauna Foundation. Her passionate commitment to the eastern African coast has shaped her goals as a conservation biologist. Vowing to dedicate her life to the preservation and management of marine megafauna in southern Mozambique, Andrea continues to campaign for their protection and use her scientific background to formulate plans for their management. She is still living in rural Mozambique with her husband and young daughter. TWITTER INSTAGRAM

World Oceans Day: How to Draw a Shark with Dr. Julius Csotonyi

June 8, 1 pm EST, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89292417101


Dr. Julius Csotonyi is a freelance natural history illustrator and biological sciences graduate. His passion has been drawing dinosaurs since childhood, but over the years he has expanded my portfolio to include all branches of scientifically inspired artwork. He has collaborated on projects with several major museums and book publishers from around the globe, including the National Geographic Society and the Royal Tyrrell Museum, working closely with scientists and drawing on my own scientific background. An MSc graduate of Ecology and Environmental Biology (University of Alberta), and a PhD graduate in microbiology (University of Manitoba)

Filming Shark Week with Andy Brandy Casagrande

June 15, 11 am EST, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84052210936

Andy Brandy Casagrande IV  is a 2 x Emmy Award winning cinematographer, field producer & television presenter specializing in wildlife & adventure documentaries around the world.

With more than 100 wildlife films credits to his name Andy has shot, produced & hosted films for the world’s top television networks including National Geographic, BBC, Discovery Shark Week, ABC, NBC, CBS, Animal Planet, etc. Andy’s life-long mission is to inspire people to care about our planet & its vanishing wildlife. INSTAGRAM

Bahamas Coral Reef Conservation with Hayley-Jo Carr and Katie Storr

June 17, 11 am EST, https://us02web.zoom.us/j/84582545227

Learn about corals and the conservation work being done in the Bahamas.

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Previously Recorded

Filming Shark Week with Duncan Brake

March 23 & April 16

Duncan Brake is a marine biologist and award winning underwater cinematographer who has traveled, photographed and filmed, extensively throughout the world. From fighting bull elephant seals on the frozen Eden of Antarctica to dueling tiger sharks in the crystal blue waters of The Bahamas; Duncan has captured some unique sequences that have appeared on acclaimed programs and documentaries from BBC's 'Blue Planet Live', ' BBC Shark', 'Discovery's Shark Week' through to Animal Planet's 'Whale Wars'.In addition to filming, Duncan is the media director of Sharks4kids as well as assisting on the board of the world renowned research station; Bimini Sharklab.

Shark Reproduction with Dr. James Sulikowski

Dr. Sulikowski and his laboratory ( Sulikowski Shark and Fish Conservation Lab) of undergraduate and graduate students are dedicated to advancing our knowledge and conservation of sharks and other fish species. Dr. Sulikowski has masters’ degrees in marine biology and physiology as well as a PhD in Zoology. His interdisciplinary research integrates aspects of fisheries biology such as reproduction, maturity, age and growth, the physiological responses to stress and how these parameters influence by-catch mortality, as well as investigating the composition, movements, and spatial/temporal distribution of commercially valuable species in both the coastal and pelagic environments. FOLLOW THE LAB ON INSTAGRAM

The Social Life of Sharks with Dr. Yannis Papastamatiou

March 27 at 10 am EST

AGE 10+

Dr. Yannis Peter Papastamatiou is an assistant professor at Florida International University and has been studying the ecology of sharks and other predators for over 20 years. He did his MSc in biology at California State University Long Beach and his PhD in zoology at the University of Hawaii. He is also an avid technical diver, using rebreathers to better understand sharks and the oceans. FOLLOW ON INSTAGRAM

Power of Predators with Dr. Enie Hensel

March 30 at 10 am EST



Dr. Hensel received her PhD from North Carolina State University in the Department of Applied Ecology. She received her undergraduate degree at the University of Florida and has worked in several shark and community ecology laboratories in the southeastern United States. Her current research focuses on human impacts in nearshore ecosystems, specifically investigating the effects of overfishing and loss of habitat complexity in reef ecosystems in The Bahamas. She is also North Carolina’s regional ambassador for Sharks4Kids, a non-profit organization, giving presentations to local grade schools about shark conservation and research. FOLLOW ENIE

Why Sharks Matter with Dr. David Shiffman

March 31 at 10 am EST

AGE RANGE: Middle School ( Younger students will still enjoy)


Dr. David Shiffman is a marine conservation biologist who studies sharks, the policies we can use to protect them, and how science influences these policies. He's a Postdoctoral researcher at Arizona State University, and is based in Washington, DC. An award-winning public science communicator, Dr. Shiffman has written for the Washington Post, Scientific American, Gizmodo, and a monthly column in SCUBA Diving Magazine. He's one of the most followed scientists in the world on social media, and invites you to follow him on Facebook, twitter, and instagram where he's always happy to answer any questions anyone has about sharks.  item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attention...

Tail of Two Sharks with Dr. Jodie Rummer

March 31 at 7 pm EST


Dr. Jodie Rummer’s background is in marine biology and comparative physiology. She is currently an Associate Professor at the Australian Research Council (ARC) Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies at James Cook University. But, prior to joining JCU in 2011 as an ARC Super Science Fellow, Jodie’s academic training started in the U.S. (BSc and MSc degrees, both from the University of West Florida), took her to Canada (PhD from the University of British Columbia), and then to Hong Kong for a short post-doctoral fellowship. Between 2015 and 2017, Jodie held an ARC Early Career Discovery Fellowship, and currently works from several other research grants with her students and collaborators. FOLLOW JODIE FOLLOW PHYSIO SHARK

Deep Sea Sharks of the Twilight Zone with Dr. Dean Grubbs

April 1 at 11 am EST

AGE RANGE: Middle School & High School ( but ages 8-80 will enjoy)


Dr. Dean Grubbs is a fish ecologist with interests in the biology of exploited and poorly studied estuarine and marine taxa. Dean is currently Research Faculty III and the Associate Director of Research at Florida State University’s Coastal and Marine Lab where he mentors graduate and undergraduate students and maintains and active research program on the ecology of deepwater and coastal fishes. He received bachelor’s degrees in Marine Science and Biology from the University of Miami and a doctoral degree in Fisheries Science from the College of William & Mary’s Virginia Institute of Marine Science. Dean was a post-doctoral researcher and faculty member at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology before moving to Florida State University in 2007. FOLLOW THE LAB

Shark Adaptations with Marine Biologist & Sharks4Kids Founder Jillian Morris

April 2 at 10 am EST


Born and raised in Maine, Jillian’s love for the ocean started at an early age and has continued to play an integral role in her adult life. She has spent thousands of hours in the field working and diving with sharks across the globe. She is a marine biologist, shark conservationist, scuba instructor, explorer and educator. She has filmed for numerous television shows and networks, has appeared on Shark Week, is a PADI Ambassadiver, was named Scuba Diving Magazine's July 2016 Sea Hero and was awarded the inaugural Shark Con Shark Hero Award in 2017.  She is the author Norman the Nurse Shark and a member of the prestigious Ocean Artists Society. FACEBOOK INSTAGRAM TWITTER

Ocean Adventures and Filming with Nat Geo Explorer Filipe DeAndrade

Apr 7, 1 pm EST


Brazilian born, Cleveland raised, filmmaker Filipe DeAndrade has a passion for wildlife and freely admits he is addicted to adventure. Filipe graduated from the University of Florida and started a production house with his friends called Comfort Theory. In 2015 Filipe won National Geographic’s Wild to Inspire short film competition at the Sun Valley Film Festival and is a 20 Time NY Emmy Award Winner as producer and photographer. Nat Geo WILD invited Filipe to work on several documentary projects and he is currently producing the WILD YouTube show Untamed for National Geographic. FOLLOW FILIPE

White Shark Nurseries with Dr. Chris Lowe

Apr 7, 1 pm EST

AGE 9-14

Dr. Chris Lowe is a Professor in marine biology and Director of the Shark Lab at California State University, Long Beach (CSULB), where he and his students use a variety of technologies (e.g., robotics, drones, telemetry, eDNA, biologgers) to study the movement, behavior and physiology of sharks, rays and gamefishes. Dr. Lowe earned his Bachelor of Arts in marine biology at Barrington College in Rhode Island and a Master of Science degree in biology at CSULB. In 1998, he received a doctorate in zoology, studying bioenergetics of juvenile hammerhead sharks, at the University of Hawaii.

How to Draw a Tiger Shark with Dr. Julius Csotonyi

April 1 at 1 pm EST



Dr. Julius Csotonyi is a freelance natural history illustrator and biological sciences graduate. His passion has been drawing dinosaurs since childhood, but over the years he has expanded my portfolio to include all branches of scientifically inspired artwork. He has collaborated on projects with several major museums and book publishers from around the globe, including the National Geographic Society and the Royal Tyrrell Museum, working closely with scientists and drawing on my own scientific background. An MSc graduate of Ecology and Environmental Biology (University of Alberta), and a PhD graduate in microbiology (University of Manitoba)

A Look into the Eyes of Sharks with Megan Burt

Apr 3, 1 pm EST

AGE RANGE: 10 and up

Megan Burt received an Associates and Bachelor's degree in Animal Science from UNH. For the past 22 years she have worked as a Veterinary Technician in the New England area with the last 14 years working exclusively in Veterinary Ophthalmology as a technician/clinical supervisor. Throughout her career she has continued to research ophthalmic anatomy on a variety of different species, but my love of sharks has brought her to actively research shark vision in the field, and for the past 3 years she has been working with world-renowned shark expert, Dr. Greg Skomal, the University of Wisconsin, and UC Davis Veterinary School to study vision in sharks, specifically great white sharks.

Shark Fin ID and Conservation with Diego Cardenosa

April 8, 11 am EST

Age Range: Middle & High School

My research interests are focused on determining the species composition of the international shark trade, the identification of geographical regions of origin of wildlife products and supply chains at highest risk of illicit trade, and the development and implementation of rapid, portable, and inexpensive in-port DNA protocols to enhance the detection of illicit wildlife trade by law enforcement officers in major wildlife trade hubs around the world. In recent years, I worked closely with law enforcement agencies in Hong Kong, Peru, and Colombia on combatting trafficking of sharks, rays, anadromous eels, and freshwater turtles, while also conducting the largest shark fin market survey in the world. In addition, I work closely with countries in South America to reduce shark bycatch and create long-term programs to assess the status of shark populations in the region. FOLLOW DIEGO

Intro to Sharks with Jenny Bortoluzzi

Apr 6, 1 pm EST

AGES 5-12

Jenny is currently a PhD researcher at Trinity College Dublin. She studies the ecology of large marine predators. Her current work focuses on the variation among and within individuals of trophic niches using stable isotopes and individual-based modelling. Her broad interests are understanding the impact human activities have had, are having and will have on these species, the knock-on effect this may have on human populations and how to mitigate them. INSTAGRAM TWITTER 

How to Draw a Winghead ( Hammerhead) Shark with Dr. Julius Csotonyie...

Apr 8, 1 pm EST

AGE 7 +

Dr. Julius Csotonyi is a freelance natural history illustrator and biological sciences graduate. His passion has been drawing dinosaurs since childhood, but over the years he has expanded my portfolio to include all branches of scientifically inspired artwork. He has collaborated on projects with several major museums and book publishers from around the globe, including the National Geographic Society and the Royal Tyrrell Museum, working closely with scientists and drawing on my own scientific background. An MSc graduate of Ecology and Environmental Biology (University of Alberta), and a PhD graduate in microbiology (University of Manitoba)

A Behind the Camera Look at Photographing Sharks with Ron Watkins

April 2 at 1 pm EST



Ron Watkins is a professional award winning photographer, writer, expedition leader, and photography instructor specializing in underwater and topside nature photography. Through his imagery and involvement with several ocean conservation related NGOs, Ron is committed to raising awareness of the challenges facing our fragile ecosystems, threatened marine life and especially sharks in hopes of promoting conservation. FOLLOW RON

Sawshark Science with Patrick Burke

Apr 8, 7 pm EST

AGE 10 +

My name is Patrick Burke and I am a PhD Candidate at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. My research is focused around a very poorly understood group of sharks know as Sawsharks. Generally, my work looks at where the sharks go and how they fit into their respective food chains/ecosystems. FOLLOW PADDY

Sharks, Rays, Ratfish & Cool Creatures from the Deep with Annie Crawley

Apr 9, 1 pm EST


As an award winning producer, photographer, author, and inspirational speaker, Annie Crawley photographs, films, and creates programs about our environment focusing on our world underwater. As an adventure traveler and storyteller Annie feels at home with fins on her feet and cameras in hand. She’s a member of the Women Divers Hall of Fame, a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer, and holds her Master of Communications from the University of Washington. Annie runs a scuba diving team in the PNW. It's open to everyone who commits to becoming the voice of the ocean. Join her  OCEAN team. Find out more about Ocean Annie

What is a Chimaera with Dr. Brit Finucci

Apr 9, 5 pm EST

AGE 10 +

Brit is originally from Canada and currently resides in Wellington, New Zealand. She works as a fisheries scientist at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) and specializes in deep-water sharks and relatives. Her favourite shark is the prickly dogfish but also loves working on the chimaeras. FOLLOW BRIT

Sawfish Science with Dr. Andrea Kroetz

Apr 6, 11 am EST

AGE 10 +

Dr. Andrea Kroetz is a Research Fishery Biologist at the National Marine Fisheries Service SEFSC in Panama City, FL. Her research focuses on the ecology of sharks, rays, and teleosts, which includes trophic ecology, species distribution models, and movement ecology. Dr. Kroetz has been researching endangered smalltooth sawfish since 2015 and monitors the relative abundance, distribution, and movement ecology of juvenile and mature sawfish in south Florida. She also conducts research in Andros, The Bahamas assessing population status and habitat use of all size classes of smalltooth sawfish. Dr. Kroetz received her Ph.D. in Marine Science from the University of South Alabama. TWITTER

Sink Your Teeth into Shark Biology with Joshua Moyer

Apr 17, 2 pm EST

I am a PhD Candidate at the University of Massachusetts Amherst where I study the form and function of feeding in sharks. In other words, I look at how a shark handles its food and the body parts they use to do that. As part of my research I look at the teeth, jaws, and behavior of sharks and explore how those things may change depending on a shark species' lifestyle, diet, and evolution. Studying sharks has been a dream of mine since I was 5 years old, and I love sharing my experiences with people who are as interested in the ocean and its wonderful creatures as I am! FOLLOW JOSH

In Search Of Hawaii’s Rarest Sharks with Jeff Milisen

April 13, 4 pm EST

Jeff Milisen’s photography strongly blends with his training as a marine biologist. Since completing his Master’s at the University of Hawaii in 2012, he has gone on to participate in a number of NOAA cruises to both the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands and, more recently, the Pacific Remote Islands Sanctuary. And while remote reefs are fascinating to him, his real passion is in the pelagic habitat. He helped launch the first drifting fish pen that used oceanic eddies to circulate between 10 and 70 miles offshore of the Big Island. He is now working with Forever Oceans to further develop offshore aquaculture technology.

Dive into South African Shark Biodiversity with Kat Gledhill

April 14, 10 am EST


Kat Gledhill is a shark scientist and conservation biologist with a focus on conservation, management, policy, and advocacy for Southern African sharks and rays. She is working with research, academic, NGO, and government organizations to ensure the long-term conservation and recovery of threatened sharks and rays in Southern Africa, particularly threatened endemic species. She is a Research Affiliate with the shark genetics lab in the Molecular Breeding and Biodiversity (MBB) Group in the Department of Genetics at Stellenbosch University and a PhD student at the University of Technology Sydney, Australia.FOLLOW CAT

The Search for Salmon Sharks with Andy Dehart

Apr 16, 10 am EST


Andy Dehart has more than 25 years of experience in animal care at several major public aquariums throughout North America. As VP of Animal Husbandry and Marine Conservation at the Phillip and Patricia Frost Museum of Science he oversees all animal husbandry operations, aquatic life support operations, marine conservation and wildlife rehabilitation programs and manages a talented animal care staff that are dedicated to the welfare of the animal collection.
Andy’s knowledge of sharks has led him to serve as Shark Advisor for Discovery Channel, and has made a number of high-profile media appearances. He has been featured in eight Shark Week productions for Discovery Channel.