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Shark Education: Turks and Caicos Nov 2022

Our team had an amazing time visit Turks and Caicos in November 2022. This was in collaboration with the Turks and Caicos International Film Festival and a continuation of our programs.

Team members Candace Fields and Arenthia Baker kicked off the week visiting both South Caicos and Grand Turk Islands to teach students all about sharks. They visited 2 schools on each island, speaking to over 450 students. They were also joined by our Project Lemon Aid research intern Luis Serpas while on Grand Turk. It was really important for our team to get to these outer islands, as we had not yet done any programs with these students.

Jillian Morris and Duncan Brake joined Candace when she returned to Provo and spent a full day doing lessons. They visited 3 schools and spoke to over 550 students. Students on all islands learned general information about sharks, the importance of shark in Turks and Caicos, how they can help sharks and the research Sharks4Kids is doing.

The film festival kicked off with a full day at the Edward C. Gartland Youth Centre. 100 students from the islands rotated through stations to learn all about the oceans and conservation. Jillian led a shark tagging lesson and hands on activity. Candace and Dunk shared the amazing world of sharks with all the students ( and many of the adults) with our Virtual Reality shark dive ( a definite event favorite).

Education is critical for conservation and these programs are inspiring the next generation of ocean advocates, shark scientists and marine stewards. We love hearing what the students have to say after learning about sharks.

“A few weeks ago, some visitors came to my school and talked about sharks. The thrilling part was when the amazing visitors told us how unique sharks are. Sharks are such cool animals. I think they might be my new favorite animals. I learnt that some sharks could find their prey by their heartbeat and lemon sharks give birth in mangroves. I learnt some amazing, interesting facts in that beautiful presentation. All sharks are meaningful.” - Micah, Age 10

“I thought sharks were frighting and scary animals; but the presentation on sharks really

changed my mind. The shark presentation informed me about the different types of sharks and their abilities. The shark I loved the most was the Lemon shark. From the shark presentation, I also learned that all sharks are not the same. Thank you, Sharks4Kids.” - Kenisha, Age 11

“Sharks for Kids did an eye-opening presentation on sharks with my class at Oseta Jolly Primary School. I always have negative feelings about sharks but after the presentation I have a positive perspective and attitude towards sharks. My favorite shark is the Lemon shark. They are very nice and fun to learn about. I'm still afraid of sharks in real life but I would love to see them in an aquarium. Thank you, Sharks for Kids, for visiting my school.” - Hidden, Age 11

“At first, I was scared of them but now I feel sorry for them because they are being killed on a daily basis and I am worried that they can one day become extinct. They ocean really needs sharks to balance. They help by getting rid of marine life that threaten the food chain that serves as an indicator for a healthy ocean.” - Ja’Vonae, Age 10

“I used to view sharks as mean eating machines because of how they eat lives but since the presentation I viewed sharks as misunderstanding creatures and now I know the different sharks like milk shark, tiger sharks, lemon sharks etc. Now I love sharks because I know how they operate.” - Kyree, Age 11

Special thanks to our partners and supports who have made this work possible.

Ministry of Education



Big Blue Collective

TC Reef Fund

Sandals Foundation

Rock the Ocean

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